Created For Those Who Value Time

Meet the adhesive solution tailored for people who strives in a fast-paced lifestyle and for people who take pride in their work. Bullet Bond® Multi-Purpose Mist Spray – your versatile ally for all your adhesive needs, whether you're working with a variety of materials or delicate fabrics, this spray adhesive has got you covered with quick but industrial strength bonding!

Australian Made

Say goodbye to import delays! Our products are proudly made in our Queanbeyan factory, ensuring you enjoy seamless supply and high-quality products with every order.

Methylene Chloride Free

Great news! Bullet Bond® Mist Spray is completely Methylene Chloride Free. We always prioritise safety without ever compromising on the unmatched quality we're known for.

Recyclable Steel

Bullet Bond® canisters are crafted from recyclable steel, reflecting our commitment to a greener planet. Embrace eco-friendliness and excellence – choose Bullet Bond®.


One of the best things that Bullet Bond® offers is that it's incredibly user-friendly! With easy application and lightning-fast drying time, you can keep your projects on track without the hassle of clamps or tape. All you have to do is Point-Spray-Bond!

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  • Instant Tack
  • Rapid Drying Time
  • High Initial Strength
  • Industrial Strength Bonding
  • Prevention of Absorption and Bleed-Through
  • Adjustable Bonding Options
  • Discreet Solution
  • Portable and easy to use
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No Power | No Air | No Problem

Imagine your trusty Bullet Bond® canister adhesive as your reliable partner with added versatility! With an ingenious canister technology, it effortlessly dispenses adhesive through its attached gun and hose. What makes it even better? Its self-propelled design makes it incredibly portable, offering ample glue in one convenient unit that fits perfectly in your hand for all your adhesive needs on the go! So, whether you opt for a handy aerosol or a durable a canister, you’l breeze through ease.

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Suitable Substrates

Available Sizes

500 millilitre aerosol
22 litre canister

equivalent to 42 aerosols

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